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We’d be on time for ballet except the road is closed. Side street detour our only option. Instead of dancing we’re sitting pretty, bumper to bumper. The girls don’t understand.  “Just go!” they yell from the back seat.We can nearly see the studio beyond the sea of cars. We’d be there in 10 seconds if we could fly. Alas, […]

Sibling dynamics: the triad… fighting & singing

Adding a third child to our family has boosted the background noise from low hum to garbage disposal levels.  Its not the youngest who is so loud.  The sibling triad is LOUD-think blender intermittently on high. Remove any one child and volume drops by 80%. (reason enough to send the loudest to school- sorry teachers) The energy between a 9 year […]

tiny boss

I wake up to a hungry girl growling impatiently in my ear.  Apparently I am supposed to rise at once and make pancakes. I weakly open one eye. Not good enough. She pulls my arm before dramatically dropping to the ground. I am not in the mood to take orders before 6am but at long last I arise. She is right […]

what we are reading

We love our local library means we visit at least once a week. It’s much easier going places the kids like anyways. Dare to disturb and sneak in a quick errand beforehand. Arrive at popular story time on time to avoid being shut out. Feel the peaceful dynamic of content children and happy parents, singing, reading, connecting. Grieve the […]

back to school- back to writing- summer highlights

It’s the first day of school and Mr J reluctantly scoots his bottom into the carpool, into 3rd grade. It still hurts from yesterday, he tells me later.  [We drove 11 hrs yesterday- longest road trip ever (with kids). ] The summer starts slow and before you know its over. Ours started and ended with a wedding. […]