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Behind the Wall & Under the Steeple III: The new life

In July, my parents got married. It was a private affair, pledging a lifetime of love a second time. After the court house, dad set up a makeshift tripod in our bedroom. It felt strange to have a new man in our most intimate space, even stranger to know him as the real father. I wondered why […]

Behind the Wall & Under the Steeple II: Divorce

Mother kept me home for three years because she didn’t buy into communist indoctrinated professionals being better suited to care for young children than parents. In East Germany, mothers were strongly encouraged to return to work after a one year maternity leave. Their kids would surely thrive in state run facilities and especially benefit from […]

Behind the Wall & Under the Steeple I: Beginnings

  I was born in the dead of winter, ten days after Christmas when people are worn out from parties and ready to start a diet or go lift some weights.   My mother would often say: “The day you were born was the best day of my life.” I was born into love, into […]