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The power of touch

I contract dysentery [contagious intestinal infection] at age five. In East Germany this means hospital quarantine- 5 weeks of isolation from the rest of the world. No one is allowed to visit, not even our parents. We sit in oversized cribs that feel like cages, waiting our turn to go home. We’re bored mostly and sometimes sad though […]

on becoming an American Citizen

It’s 3am on tuesday and I am awake, wishing my body wouldn’t trade nervous excitement for sleep. My long awaited naturalization interview is at 7am- plenty of time to entertain ridiculous what-if-today-goes-badly scenarios. Its raining hard on my way downtown in stop and go traffic. I arrive at the immigration at 7, clear security, then join applicants wait patiently in a sterile and silent waiting area upstairs. […]