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#write31 Day 15 Foolishness

Feel like quitting today. Not because I didn’t get up early to write or because it’s too hard. Today free writing feels utterly meaningless, even foolish. Why bother typing all these words, these thoughts which are unedited and run on, unchecked, unchallenged. And who will challenge or critique the blogger? Sure, a big enough audience […]

#write31 Day 12 Friday

On friday No one wakes up on time I pluck each kid from bed to car Toss a box of frozen waffles after them. Morning drives are the best Nice and quiet, my son remarks Because we’re too tired to fight.   My friend hugs my kids Warms my heart They’re never sad when I leave […]

#write31 Day 11. Persuasion

Day 11. 21 more to go. Today’s prompt: Persuade me. Persuasion makes me think of the kids (they’re experts), sales and faith. At least dualistic faith, where I am right and you are wrong. I am in and you’re out. I am good and you are bad. This two dimensional way of thinking fuels persuasion. […]

#write31 Day 8: Lists

Today is a quick and easy write according to Jeff because all you do is make a list. Sounds easy enough for the 30min I have for writing today. Years ago, when I first signed up for facebook people were posting these “25 things about me” which were fun to read. I think there has […]

#write31 Day 7 Enough

So far the library is my favorite place to write. It’s quieter than a coffee shop and my laptop does not balk the wireless. Why this crazy laptop connects to wireless here and not at Starbucks is beyond me. I used to think writing at home works best for me but I actually get distracted […]

#write31 Day 6 Mother

Jeff’s writing prompt for today is write someone else’s story. I’ll pick my mother. Mother supports anything I write on my “block” even though she can’t actually read any of it since she never learned English. I know she won’t mind if I tell her story. Mother turned 65 last month and almost daily texts […]

#write31 Day 5 Story

If you participate in Jeff’s 31 day writing challenge, which I recommend if you enjoy writing, you will receive a daily email with tips and encouragement. Yesterday I think he talked about getting up early and writing. The biggest benefit being that of having “writer’s high” all day. I have not yet experienced writers high […]

#31 day challenge: Day 2. Goals and Weeds

I am at Starbucks and my laptop refuses internet connection. Turned it on and off a couple times without luck so now typing in notepad hoping it won’t get lost. Today’s writing prompt is goals. Goal setting inevitably brings back memories of getting roped into multi-level marketing years ago. A young guys from our church […]