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Melton Christmas Letter 2016

Hi friends, Thanks for your cards and posts, pictures and Christmas wishes. Another year is in the books, an opportunity to recount our greatness and many accomplishments to you. Just kidding. We’re your average family, living in the suburbs, trying to get along and stay on top of things and grateful this year has passed […]

Santa Claus myth and magic

Growing up in Germany we celebrated St Nicks day on December 6. The night before we cleaned our largest pair of shoes and left them by the door. In the morning they would be filled with candy and small toys. (or a stick if you’ve been naughty) I never received a stick and loved the […]

Does your heart have room for wonder?

Feeling surprised or spontaneously joyful is difficult for me. Once my sister organized a surprise birthday party where a dozen or so friends hid in our kitchen and as I stumbled across them I sort of froze up. I always thought I would enjoy this sort of moment. Turns out, I don’t.  (this was prior […]

Christmas Expectations

Ten days to Christmas and no lights on the house. I am not sending out cards this year because there is no family picture with the dog and even if you don’t write on any cards it still takes time to address and stamp. Inevitably you will run out of international stamps and will need […]

I would help you if I could

It’s hard to know what to do about suffering halfway around the world other than pray and contribute money to relief efforts. As a sensitive person I’ve tried not to overexpose myself to war related news but it does not seem right to completely check out. I can’t be off the hook just because I […]

Light & Truth

There is a piece of Advent in every morning I think while sit and watch the sun rise. Clouds cover the horizon but above the sky is pale blue and the edges of the cloud cover is turning pale purple pink gray. One tree in the corner has lost all it’s leaves and the branches […]

The long night is ending

Last night I carefully unpacked my two Schwibbogen and placed one at each window in my living room. The kids are getting old enough to restrain themselves from over-handling my precious German Christmas decor so I am getting braver in putting it out. This morning I stumbled across my youngest peacefully wrapped in her blanket, […]

Don’t rush me

A neighbor is putting up Christmas lights. What’s the rush, buddy, because I am not yet ready for Thanksgiving which I thought to be at least a couple of weeks away. The kids refuse to trade in their shorts and we haven’t raked leaves yet but I am sure we will someday before darkness falls […]

Tattoos on the heart

The moon shines larger than usual night while the house has fallen quiet. I expected big puppy (her latest nickname) to curl up next to the couch where I am typing but alas she’s opted sit watch on the cold garage floor. Loyal canine love, waiting for her boy to return. Her soft fur looks […]

Politics & Prozac w/ Fur

My mind has been in a restless place and I have not been able to write and I certainly am not itching to write about politics because goodness knows who needs another opinion and what does it matter anyways. I am ready to delete facebook and disappear from the internet forever yet keep reading and […]