one million words

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Mothers give wings

We are at the airport on September 22,1994, saying GoodBye. I have a new leather backpack, a student visa and a letter from my dad to be opened in the air.  I feel ok about flying to Frankfurt but I worry about getting lost in Chicago. I don’t have a cell phone or a credit card, I […]

tiny boss

I wake up to a hungry girl growling impatiently in my ear.  Apparently I am supposed to rise at once and make pancakes. I weakly open one eye. Not good enough. She pulls my arm before dramatically dropping to the ground. I am not in the mood to take orders before 6am but at long last I arise. She is right […]

what we are reading

We love our local library means we visit at least once a week. It’s much easier going places the kids like anyways. Dare to disturb and sneak in a quick errand beforehand. Arrive at popular story time on time to avoid being shut out. Feel the peaceful dynamic of content children and happy parents, singing, reading, connecting. Grieve the […]

back to school- back to writing- summer highlights

It’s the first day of school and Mr J reluctantly scoots his bottom into the carpool, into 3rd grade. It still hurts from yesterday, he tells me later.  [We drove 11 hrs yesterday- longest road trip ever (with kids). ] The summer starts slow and before you know its over. Ours started and ended with a wedding. […]