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self talk for caregivers and other overwhelmed ones

My kids know what they want and shamelessly (endlessly?) voice petitions. At times I feel my role is reduced to: hear, filter, grant, deny requests. I am a caregiver by nature with lifelong practice tuning into other’s needs. I have a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy figuring out what others need it feels good to help. So motherhood starts […]

self talk for writers and other procrastinating artists

Dear Creative One, Pursuing your passion does not mean you will savor every moment of pursuit. You are called to write and you know it and deadlines are not your enemy. Consider them kind strangers who help guide your journey. You wish you’d gotten started earlier, when first feeling the urge to create but it’s not too late. Your […]

Inspirational women- Who is your female hero?

In 1987 Joni Eareckson Tada treks to Leipzig, my hometown in former East Germany. I am 9, old enough to know free world travelers rarely come here. Joni is in a wheelchair. I see people in wheelchairs, often, getting in and out of their ground level apartments in our concrete jungle. Not smiling much. Certainly not […]

Merry Christmas 2014

Was Jesus born in a barn?

Birth is miraculous messy wonder and i’d hate to go through it alone. I’d love a few more details in the Jesus story. Because I’ve often wondered how this plays out in a smelly stable. Mary laboring alone on piles of scratchy hay? Who tends to her needs and cleans up the mess? Beastly doulas? Is she cold? Alone? […]

Advent Hope

Our christmas trimmings are released from the attic at last. So we start our advent calendars tomorrow, eight days late, right on time. The candy countdown to christmas is meant to sweeten the wait. Around here it’s just fuel for the crazy. “How much longer?? I CAN’T wait until christmas!! Is it Christmas now?” Whine. Groan. Sigh. Whither on couch. Bicker with […]


on becoming an American Citizen

It’s 3am on tuesday and I am awake, wishing my body wouldn’t trade nervous excitement for sleep. My long awaited naturalization interview is at 7am- plenty of time to entertain ridiculous what-if-today-goes-badly scenarios. Its raining hard on my way downtown in stop and go traffic. I arrive at the immigration at 7, clear security, then join applicants wait patiently in a sterile and silent waiting area upstairs. […]


We’d be on time for ballet except the road is closed. Side street detour our only option. Instead of dancing we’re sitting pretty, bumper to bumper. The girls don’t understand.  “Just go!” they yell from the back seat.We can nearly see the studio beyond the sea of cars. We’d be there in 10 seconds if we could fly. Alas, […]

Sibling dynamics: the triad… fighting & singing

Adding a third child to our family has boosted the background noise from low hum to garbage disposal levels.  Its not the youngest who is so loud.  The sibling triad is LOUD-think blender intermittently on high. Remove any one child and volume drops by 80%. (reason enough to send the loudest to school- sorry teachers) The energy between a 9 year […]