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Taking a break from blogging/social media

I decided to take a little break from blogging/social media. Not sure for how long but I’ve neglected my own private journal and am suffering the consequences. I need to keep writing and continue to detangle my thoughts on paper or screen but don’t feel this would be particularly helpful in a public format. Social media is fun but eats up time I’d like to devote elsewhere. My list of priorities is sort of long so just trying to simplify and do some things I have not done in a while like make a photobook. There is only so much screen time one can manage. The kids are always watching and I don’t want them to primarily remember me being tethered to my phone above all else. Anyways. Thanks, my friends, for reading along and commenting and encouraging my writing. I won’t stop and I’ll be back at some point. But for now. Peace out. Love you all.

PS. Ironically I just paid for a whole year of blog hosting. Oh well. Writers are fickle, unpredictable, ever hopeful.



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  1. skipper

    How is my ever hopeful friend doing? I miss having your regular updates in my life this summer, and hope to see you more about on social soon. Hope you have had the best time with your trio of spectacular spawn. <3 <3 <3

    1. Astrid

      Hi Friend! I have missed writing too- it’s been busy but kids just started school so will hopefully return soon. Xoxo

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