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On birthing and firstfruits

By his sovereign plan he gave us birth through the message of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of all he created. James 1:20

I haven’t fought hard enough for writing time but been turning this verse over in my head. God the father has a plan, a birthing plan to be exact. I made one of those long ago when we attended birthing class. Anything but a c-section I scribbled on plan. C-sections sounded unnatural and invasive, seemingly robbing mother and child of the organic struggle through the narrow passage. Hence I prepped for everything but a c-section. (My illusion of control was much higher before children.)

Not surprisingly my firstborn arrived via emergency c-section due to fetal distress from a nuchal cord. I remember feeling defeated in a sense, then guilty for harboring any negative feelings surrounding the long awaited birth, a joyful event overall. I had labored long without drugs and in the end helplessly succumbed to the knife. No big deal everyone said, at least the baby is fine. It was a big deal to me though, despite my inability to admit that even to myself at the time.

The father’s birthing plan in James has already been accomplished without any unpleasant surprises. We have been birthed, not in a physical sense but spiritually. This birth included our passage through the narrow channel of truth. Now here we are on the other side, the first fruit, newly born. I am not a gardener and possess little knowledge of the land. Assumingly the first fruit is the first harvest, the long awaited, ripe and edible treat after tending to plants for a season.

The father claims to be the creator of all and the re-creator of all who are willing to be re-birthed. God offers a spiritual birth or rebirth which we hear more about in John 3 where Jesus is teaching Nicodemus. Nicodemus is a religious leader apparently clueless on the subject of spiritual birth. (Perhaps don’t look to religious leaders if you desire to be reborn. Have a conversation with Jesus instead 🙂

The term born again seems a little worn out to me even though it wasn’t used all that much in my circles. I picture born again as a wiry evangelical ready to convert someone. It’s a little harder to picture for myself. Birth implies appreciating something which has not existed before. In this way I am looking for things in my heart perhaps which are good and have previously been absent. Perhaps I may even be able to point back at an event or time when this things were born. A moment of spiritual awakening.

First fruits implies a variety of species. Thus my fruit will look different than yours but all good fruit can be traced back to the father’s plan and initiation.

In conclusion:

The father has a plan.

Truth rebirths us.

Truth yields firstfruits. 

This has not been the most straightforward verse for me.



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  1. Tara

    If I’m not mistaken, “firstfruits” are not just the first portion of your harvest, but the portion which is given back to the Lord. It’s the tithing of your most prized possession. Possibly handing over the sumptuous fruit of our faith and hard work while our bellies and spirits still gnaw at us in hunger. Exercising faith and trust that in surrendering what we feel entitled to immediately ends up extending the harvest.

    In this case I wonder if it’s God referring to rewarding Himself for the birthing He’s done in us. Somehow we are the prize He yearns for. Sweet rewards for every bit of fruit His truth bears in our lives. It seems like it wouldn’t be out of character for Him. After he created mankind He spent a whole day celebrating by resting, communing with and blessing the firstfruits of His harvest. Is that why we feel a rush when our seasons of harvest are bountiful and the blessings pour over to those around us? Maybe because we’re designed in His image, we see His character in us most clearly in those moments.

    Random rambling thoughts for the day. Thanks for the food for thought. 😉

    1. Astrid Melton

      Thanks for sharing that. Makes me want to handover some goods on the spot. ❤

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