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Want to join me for scripture journaling?

I’ve been utterly slacking on writing, passing up several opportunities early morning to get down my 500 words. I’ve given up in a sense, succumbing to failure, knowing I’ll never pull myself  together to become a great writer. Thinker, conversation starter if you will. I’ve been waking up at the crack of dawn all on my own…5:30 or so and even then I won’t touch the computer to write and by the time 6:30 rolls around the kids are up and ready to rumble. (It’s hard not to whine or make excuses, even as an adult.)

I’ve been thinking about journaling through scripture- for consistency of writing, my own interest and pleasure and to build a bit of community. I am less interested in fact finding or proof texting fundamental doctrines. I am tired of black and white interpretations, right/wrong, in/out. I am not interested in building higher walls around my beliefs or community. If scripture makes me less flexible or accepting and more judgmental, I am out. Been there, done that. I am sort of ready to deal with my own doubt, cynicism and stubbornness. Truth at times cuts like a sword and others it warms your soul like fire. Admittedly I’d more drawn to the flame.

It would make sense to journal through James or the Sermon on the Mount since I’ve memorized those and enjoy dramatic recitation. I’ve also thought Galatians would be great and the other day when randomly listening to the Robcast while painting my daughter’s room the color of a local ice cream parlor I thought about Proverbs could be very fun but also difficult. 

The word transforms and has transformed me but I’ve been less disciplined engaging with it the last year or so. I still listen to the Daily Audio Bible and stuff but also easily get distracted and tune out or it does not mean that much to me because of familiarity and a lack of true listening- the hard work of engaging and connecting. I do appreciate our pastor’s sermons which are relevant and scripture based and am more likely to listen, connect and retain. I loved my Beth Moore years of steady and strong teaching but probably more her honesty and excitement for the word and generous acceptance of people. Have done most of her studies though and will probably check out her newest one when it comes out. Tuesday nights I’ve been attending a bible read on and off last year where a few ladies from church just read through be bible out loud and we have a little informal sharing after reading. It’s a fun way to get a larger overview of scripture without a specific agenda. I still at times have to force myself to truly pay attention here. 

Writing helps me focus, engage and remember and may be for me the best way to reconnect with scripture. We come to the word with a unique understanding of what it is or means and how it applies or transforms us. And some of us come with wounds and irritation or boredom and church hurt and it’s okay to acknowledge that. The bible has a variety of followers, some truly strange people which you would never want to show up on your blog. But their comments and thoughts will come to and refine your soul, hopefully or at the very least ruin your day and make you swear you’ll never write in public again. So you turn into the guy who buries his treasure from the king as the seemingly best of all options.

A topical journaling might be nice too and occasionally I will get on biblegateway and look up words like anger or something but in some ways I favor the context of a whole book or letter. I would just have to decide and this is where things get difficult. I am an undecided person in general who seems to be less aware of what I truly want. Mom and I talked about a lack of decisiveness the other day. She reminded me of growing up in an environment and culture that offered little to no choices. So people got little practice in the art of choosing. I live in a different world and must, must make choices every day and sometimes I don’t want to adjust. (least of all my own attitude which has been more of a snap-a-tude)

So I think I’d like to do a little scripture based journaling for greater understanding, connecting with truth and having my mind centered by things other than the news or my own crazy thoughts. Ancient words which have endured the test of time offer timeless truth, insight and understanding. They’re worth considering to me so I’d like to make space for them in my writing.  Just trying to decide where to start…which is often where all my good efforts and intentions end. Before the start. Except this time since I ‘ll hit publish for just the tiniest bit of accountability. No more slacking.



Sermon on the Mount?



I can’t decide. But I will decide….this year. Or I’ll use the old trick of letting you decide for me. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Debbie Jenne

    I’ve been more into Galations lately. It would be neat to “hear” thoughts / interpretations of others.

    1. Astrid Melton

      Galatians is great- another favorite. Our church did a series (old gospel, new life) through the book a couple years ago which I loved.

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