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On [aging] turning 39

Last week I turned 39 which surprised me a little since I am not great at keeping track of my own age. It’s just a number I am free to attach meaning to or not, I tell myself. But regardless of what I ponder or ignore, I am growing older. Aging is a process which happens to all… with varying levels of gracefulness observed.

“Don’t get old!!” I’ve heard a million times, mostly from the weary lips of patients stuck in uncooperative bodies. People don’t age well sitting on couches and I am grateful for a family with high priority on healthy habits early in life. I don’t feel old (yet) not do I fear aging itself. Regardless of health habits, I know at some point my body will cease cooperating, if I am allowed the privilege of growing old. But I’ve determined not to turn into a whiny old person.

Since my body won’t resist the growing process I’ll give my soul permission to keep expanding. In love and acceptance, pushing past whatever boundaries or limitations have been set on love by myself or the communities which have shaped my life.

My soul is growing wider in acceptance of myself, my limitations and embracing the general annoyance from others. I take notes from one of my best friends who turned 76 not long ago. She dresses in bright colors, always more fashionable than myself. She has copious girlfriends and steady social activity.  She knows exactly what she wants and has no problem turning down requests. Her spouse may pursue his own interests without any hard feelings or expectations. She volunteers, consults and serves on boards and travels the world. She reads dozens of books a year and enjoys beyond average conversations. She listens well and offers advice sparingly and is one of those people you don’t have to impress or engage in endless boring small talk. Last week, for my birthday, we got a matching dark purple pedicure. I’ve often thought that when and if I get old, I’d like to be like her. A spunky, active senior with a good sense of humor + a trendy fashion style is one in a million.

Since approaching 40, a whiny milestone for some, I remind myself to:

Dress like a grown up.

Spend time with your girlfriends.

Don’t lose sleep over what people think of you.

Listen. Laugh and Let go.

Never whine, blame or bore people.

My husband got me a fitbit for my birthday. Just in case I’ll succumb to middle age slack. Let’s face it those sweet abs who’ve born a few children will never be the same. And the best part of aging just might be telling yourself (and the world) that you’re abs don’t hold your beauty. Your soul does. So wrinkle on, my friends. With the right attitude, you’re getting prettier by the minute. Xoxo

PS Fun Bday card from my above mentioned, favorite senior friend



6 Replies

  1. skipper

    Love you, Girlfriend!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Aww. Love you too, long time, growing- more-beautiful friend. (Autocorrect thought you were growling more beautifully… until I intervened) xoxo

  2. Tara

    Happy birthday friend. While I haven’t gotten to see your dance in person as much as usual this past year, I sure have enjoyed our fun and unexpected adventures “together”. 😉 Yes, when I think of the people I yearn to be around and feel safest and most accepted by…well, the state of their abs or any other body parts just never has held any clout. Now to offer myself the same kind of love and acceptance.

    1. Astrid Melton

      Thanks. I’ll save my most special dance for our next ‘together’ xoxo

  3. Jill Swanson

    Blessed Birthday , Astrid
    Zephaniah 3:17

    1. Astrid Melton

      Thanks, Jill. I love that verse.

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