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I’ve always loved a few good New’s Year’s resolutions. They’re not useless or depressing to me, even if they don’t come to pass. At times I enjoy the process of planning and goal setting, giving aspirations a voice, however trite and silly they might be. They’re worth pondering and will have a greater chance of coming to fruition once recorded. For most of my life I’ve kept at least a mental list although a written once is arguably more effective. I’ve also agreed to not beat myself up if things don’t turn out and I won’t use it to shame myself into better performance. It’s pure and simple fun and there is pleasure in accomplishment even the tiniest of goals.

So here’s my partial list of impromptu resolutions, in no particular order or urgency of accomplishment:

  1. Write every day
  2. Manage your anger/ irritability
  3. Embrace the wait
  4. Get up a little earlier on your workday
  5. Affirm my kids daily in meaningful ways
  6. Paint 3 rooms
  7. Take a theology class
  8. Re-install photoshop
  9. Continue gratitude list
  10. Read 3 books+/ months
  11. Flab Ab workout 10min/day
  12. Figure out garden boxes
  13. Have breakfast with girlfriends
  14. Spend time in forest
  15. Don’t ignore your intuition
  16. Pay attention to emotions
  17. Think happy thoughts
  18. Affirm yourself
  19. Be nice to spouse
  20. Listen without judgement or intent

That seems good enough for now. What about you? Any list making, dreaming, wishing hoping for the spaces in your story you alone can write?


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