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#write31 Day 31 Celebration!

Thank you for reading along the 31 day free write challenge! I can’t believe I did it. I had been struggling to make time to write once a week when impulsively agreeing to write every day. It’s been easier than I thought although I am looking forward to a little writing break.

In the last month I learned to write fast, released by inner perfectionist by not editing and played around with different writing styles. Over 15000 words later I expected clear direction and focus in my writing but I am still dabbling. I’ve enjoyed the conversation though and am thinking of a theme for continuing. I may return to writing my story which I didn’t finish because I got tired of writing about the past and myself. I think a couple of you are considering or doing the writing challenge yourself which is awesome and I would highly recommend.

I think I mentioned before that a couple years back when first coming across Jeff’s challenge I instantly thought I would never blog every day, that would be so annoying to my readers. Well, no one seems to have gotten annoyed at the writing frequency and I thought to myself how often these frivolous worries hold me back from creating or just opening myself up.

Earlier in the year I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it had to be returned to the library before I could finish it but she talks a lot about fear in there and what a creativity killer it is. Even if it’s just perceived fear of possibly annoying someone by posting too much. Of being too much. The writing seems to be a reflection of life in general, a mirror of the heart and in that sense is redemptive at best.

Now on to celebration. My free practice coach will ask me on friday how I rewarded myself and I’ll need a plan. I thought of books, I’ll buy myself some books which have been hanging out on my wishlist for a while. Here are my partial list:

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst just released. I’ve loved her writing coach advise on She is real, funny and to the point. Also heard her say recently that she will be donating all the profits from this book.

Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey. One of my favorite canadian bloggers, this is her second book and I loved her first.

The pursuing God by Josh Butler, my friend from church who is a great guy and thought provoking author.

How was your writing challenge? My son is still awake and hops on my bed.


Fine- I am presently rewarding myself, I tell him.


Do I get anything? He inquires.


Will you write for 31 days? I challenge.


Have mercy upon my soul, he utters dramatically.


I take that as a no.


How big is the reward?


You pick.


I never really saw you write, he says.


(I am not believing what I hear. When I was writing once a week the whole family groaned that I was writing ALL THE TIME. Now that I am actually writing all the time, no one is groaning.)


I liked the part where Gerald wants a pancake, he continues. That was really funny.


Writing is fun, I tell him.


NO!! He opposes. It’s horrible.


(Kids with opposite interests are a gift.)


What was your favorite post? He inquires. (apparently we are continuing a conversation about his least favorite subject besides math. Math is the worst!)


I think I liked friday and foolishness.


Tomorrow I’ll read you the hedgehog poem.


Good Night.


Night Night.


Thanks for reading and cheering me on! You guys rock! 15000+ closer to one million words! 






12 Replies

  1. Shauna Cruttenden

    Thanks for writing Astrid. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Each day I looked forward to what you would write next. Don’t think that writing about yourself is selfish. It helps us readers understand ourselves better. Your thoughts, struggles, conflicts, observations, happy thoughts make our journey through life more pleasant. It gives us a chance to look into someone else’s life, to connect without words and in the process we find out more about ourselves. Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. You have given me new eyes, a reason to smile and challenged me to be authentic. Your devoted reader and friend.

    1. Astrid Melton

      Thanks! My two year long excuse for not doing the writing challenge was fearing that if I wrote every day readers would get annoyed and unsubscribe. Thank you for reading and letting me know that it was not too much for you! I am guessing you enjoy writing as well since you are such a dedicated reader.

  2. Heather Tourville

    Nice job, Astrid! Congratulations on finishing! Your follow through in this challenge has been inspiring to me. Perhaps at some point in the near future I will take up my pen and give it a shot as well. But for now, back to packing.

    1. Astrid Melton

      Thanks! You are the winner for the most comments. Take up that pen!

  3. Tara

    I love you unedited! When I’ve been privileged to pre-read and edit pre-posting, I always missed a lot of what you edited out. This challenge was meant for me. Now I know for sure I like your unedited thoughts best. All this permission you gave yourself to just be who you are and say what was floating around in your mind. So good! So therapeutic for you and for me as your reader. A great challenge all around!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Oh thanks for saying that! I was just thinking writing unedited feels kind of risky and even foolish…

      1. Tara

        Of course you were thinking that. 🙂 Unedited means authentic and open. It’s a vulnerable feeling. Foolish? Risky? Well, it could sometimes mean those things too. Probably less often than we think it will be. But then getting to be authentically ourselves seems worth the risk. Well, most days at least. Ha!

        1. Astrid Melton

          You are kind to my heart. Thank you!

  4. Cecelia

    Who knows … That son who is opposed to writing might surprise you someday! He has the gene and when he has something to say – he just might write it down! I enjoyed your thoughts !

    1. Astrid Melton

      Never know On more than one occasion he said: Mom. Let’s write a book together. Since he believes in dictation I assume my role would be the scribe.

  5. Love your son’s response! And love that you marked the occasion with celebration. Did you land on these books? On that topic, do you use goodreads at all?

    I also read Big Magic this year and two others after it that I didn’t actually realize were so related to creativity. Definitely been a topic that keeps coming up for me this year.

    1. Astrid Melton

      I have never used good reads. Got my books from Amazon today

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