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#write31 Day 30 Hedgehog Love

Day 30. 8:55pm. Been coasting these last few days not expecting to hit writer’s block but here it is right before the finish line. I’ve hit the creative wall, the resistance which Steven Pressfield talks about in his insightful and rather hilarious book The war of Art. You must, must, must push through is what I remember from the book. Persistence makes a writer, even the tired, weary, sensitive soul wanting to curl up in a ball right before the finish line.

A while back while looking for free pictures on pixabay for my blog I came across this darling hedgehog and downloaded him immediately. My daughter is crazy about her tiny stuffed hedgehog we stumbled upon in a bookstore in Germany and it was love at first sight. Their relationship is so sweet and tender and will end I am sure because my sons beloved “Bow-Wow” who went everywhere for several years no longer leaves the bedroom. So here is my loving  tribute to remember “Igel” (hedgehog in German)

Tiny hedgehog at the table

Eating pancakes, quarter sized

Wearing aprons made by grandma

Humming sweetly as we rise


Tiny hedgehog rules the dollhouse

Squeezes into Barbie’s dress

Bulging belly, velcro opens

Mom!! Igel needs HELP!!


Tiny hedgehog

Looks like bigfoot

Sitting among Lego Friends

He won’t mind

The tiny goblets

They all know him

As their friend.


Tiny hedgehog hosts tea parties

Inspires songs and dance and art

Tiny hedgehog has a passport

Flys in playmobile airplanes


Tiny hedgehogs

Need a cabin,

Kids are planning, planting


come and see it

Take a picture

Bring a snack.


Tiny Hedgehog’s pupils fading

Leaving two white circles blank

Mom gets sharpie

Two dots later

Igel friend can see again.


Tiny hedgehog in his hammock

Handmade from her softest scarf

Snuggled close to Igel-mama

Drifting off to hedgehog dreams


So much love and care and vision

Every day I watch him thrive

Tiny hedgehog with his mama

Loved so deeply

For a while.

(I am already mourning the end of hedgehog love)


6 Replies

  1. You are something else!!! so special in your writing… Thanks for that poem.. i’m still smiling!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Hedgehog love is contagious!!

  2. Cheri Barber

    Writer’s block??? You busted through it with a wonderful poem!!!

    1. Astrid Melton

      The darling hedgehogs pushed me through ❤️

  3. Tara

    Hahaha! SOOOO cute! Tiny Hedgehog is adorable (although I suspect he is part mer-man). I envy his eco-friendly outdoor dwelling space. Way to press through and have fun doing it. I think that’s the secret right there. Maybe writers block is just us taking ourselves and life too seriously. 🙂

    1. Astrid Melton

      I read the slightly corny hedgehog poem to the kids this morning and they loved it!

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