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#write31 Day 22 Endings

9:53am. Kids at camp. House quiet, a little messy but not irresistibly drawing me towards immediate tidying. No big excuses for not writing this moment except my body suddenly feels sooooo sleepy. I’ve slept well the last few nights so this makes no sense. I am torn between listening to my body and ignoring pleas for naps before 10am. I am not nursing a baby or working night shift. So no excuse. Just feel sleepy. This happens when I pray too. I’ll start and suddenly get super-drowsy and fall asleep. Choosing to ignore the pseudo-fatigue.

Today’s writing prompt is, write the most important part: the ending. How do I want to wrap up my story/book? Life? What’s my big idea or one-liner I want people to remember….

This makes me think of an exercise we did years ago while listening to a Steven Covey tape. I think it was the 7 habit of highly successful people which I don’t recall in detail. I do remember the part where you imagine your own funeral and what people would say about you. This may help clarify your values and goals, what you want to be remembered for…

As a performance oriented and people pleasing individual this exercise has always made me a little nervous. Probably because deep down inside I know that the sort of life which is best appreciated and remembered is lived for others. Serving, helping, loving, encouraging, mentoring, understanding. Give, give, give and give some more and you will be remembered. How much is enough? Am I enough? What if I did nothing amazing in and with my life, leaving no mega-legacy, just a few grateful folks in my family…

Is my motivation to love and serve or whatever so that I can be remembered for being good, worthy, valuable? It best not be.

This year I had been writing my story on the blog but never finished because I am not totally sure or able to see where it’s going or why I would want to share it. I don’t know or see the end but now that I think about it, knowing the end or where you are going helps every part of the journey.

Knowing where I want to end up with my kids education this coming year will help our homeschooling process and restore vision on the tough days. Knowing where my writing is going adds clarity and value to the message. Perhaps one of my biggest problems with my writing is not knowing where it will lead. I have not written an ending so no wonder I get stuck in the beginning or middle or wherever.

I could start now. A good ending ties up a story, has themes of redemption and restoration, a closure of sorts to an ongoing struggle. The ending usually makes me feel more connected to the author, invites me to reflect on parts of my own story and be grateful for the words the author has found in places where mine are still lost.

Admittedly this sounds super-generic but sometimes that’s where you have to start. I will this some more thought today. After my nap 🙂

What sort of ending do you envision for your life or story? Do you find the funeral type exercise helpful or creepy? Just curious.



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