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#write31 Day 18 Babies

If only I hadn’t committed to the writing challenge, then I’d be off the hook tonight. Yawn. I feel tired and uninspired and fear my 500 words will be a whiny tirade. Everyone is asleep. The air conditioner hums quietly, adjusted to 74’F which is the highest number I can negotiate peacefully with my other half. 

I am freeze butt, night time wimp of cold air blowing on my side of the bed. I wasn’t raised on air conditioning and only remember seeing ceiling fans in meat markets, discouraging pesky flies from building homes in dead flesh for sale. When we had our first home built in Colorado I insisted we skip ceiling fans. My Arkansas native husband reluctantly gave in.

Most Germans hold a slight aversion to cold air including gadgets designed to stir up a draft. You will pay for blasting your precious body with fake wind. Don’t look for symphathy for your fan induced colds, stiff necks, whatever.

I took a class for work today. Woke up late like last friday, took kids to friends house. Drove to another hospital near downtown for an 8 hour lecture about babies. Informative but not used to staying in a seat for that long.

I’ve been treating babies for about four years now. Currently seeing about half adults/ half pediatric patients during my 20 hour work week. I enjoy the mix of young and old. I love babies, their little bodies and manners and mostly sweet demeanor.

Most of my baby patients have Torticollis which means twisted neck. The condition has been documented since ancient Greece. Alexander the Great supposedly had (untreated I assume)  Torticollis which did not seem to slow him down much.

Most cases of Torticollis are likely related to intrauterine position, babies heads being lodged in one corner of your ribcage for instance without moving much. This reduces the blood flow to the Sternocleidomastoid muscle which ends up with more collagen fibers instead of muscle fibers, hence the tightness. Collagen can be stretched although it will take a while for it to lengthen.

Babies develop muscle imbalances and often acquire head deformities to due the neck tightness. A therapist’s job is to stretch and work on the baby and educate the parent. Sometimes we order helmets for babies. We keep track of their motor development and facilitate the next phase if needed. We answer 101 questions if needed, cheer on weary parents, play peek a boo, tell parents cell phones are not toys even if their infants are crazy about them. Sometimes we get peed on or worse. It be hard to tolerate if they weren’t chubby cheeked bundles of cuteness.

We looked at lots of baby therapy videos today and practiced a tiny bit on our dolls and exchanged stories and tips and stuff. If anything babies are persistent which works in their favor as far as acquiring new skills. Persistence makes permanent said our instructor which made me think of writing. I write, hoping to permanently gain better writing habits and speed and clarity.

Babies like ceiling fans. The end. Good Night!


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  1. Heather Tourville

    Not at all a wasted day, Astrid. You taught us something about babies and PT that I didn’t know!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Babies are the best part of my job ❤️

  2. Cecelia

    Found some great spelling words I can’t pronounce. Interesting on babies!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Babies are amazing. If u need more fun spelling words, I can hook you up.

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