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What I like about my life, right now

On Tuesday the kids toilet was clogged again which is nothing new but this time the flusher handle got stuck and water kept flowing. By the time I heard water running, the whole bathroom was flooded and toilet tears were pouring through the ceiling onto the kitchen island. The kids were enamored with our indoor waterfall while we raced around trying to stop the flow.  Toilets are for flushing I keep telling our greatest offender, a flush resistant individual with a penchant for piling stacks of tissue on top of business.

It’s not just the toilets that are suffering. Random walls boast jam, toothpaste, make up or markers because apparently when you mix our genes for the third time out comes a quirky, fearless artsy scientist. Our home = her lab & canvas.

Our carpet needs replacing but we are waiting until whatever phase is past destructo-mode. If there is such a thing when you’re raising a family. We value our kids and we like things neat and nice and I am bummed the two have become mutually exclusive. Because real children are messier than the picture in our heads. Real children rub expensive lotion on bathroom counters, cut their own hair then sneak up behind their sibling to snip theirs too. Real children raid your fridge and wreck your make up.

Later we went to the pool and our youngest was having a blast jumping towards me into the water. Over and over she climbed up the edge, turned herself around, ready to jump, arms wide, belly out. Splash. Giggle. Again. Except the last time, perhaps exhaustion causing a sudden frontal lobe shut down, she did not wait until I was ready to catch her. Instead, before fully turning around, she pushed herself hard off the edge, leaping straight towards me while my face was turned to check on the other kids. Her front teeth hit my temple like a baseball bat. We both went down. She emerged touching her mouth but seemingly unharmed while I was still seeing stars.

It’s been five days since the pool bashing incident and my neck still feels like I’ve been hit by a car. Sometimes I forget what I like about my life right now. It’s hard to remember when you’re head’s been whacked or you’re busy mopping up toilet waterfalls in your kitchen. Or someone constantly asks for snacks/help/ entertainment/ conversation.

So this is a post to remember what I like about my life right now:

1. I like that my younger kids separation anxiety has decreased to the point that I can mostly leave the house without major hassle.

2. I like that we can go to the pool and it’s less work with all three than last year and much less than the year before. (other than random head whacking moments)

3. I like being able to have more meaningful conversations with my kids. They ask a lot of questions all day and many of them are really good ones I want to write down and ponder myself.

4. I like how my kids say funny things, like this back seat gem while driving the other day:

Younger sister (getting fed up with older sister) L, I don’t like you anymore! I just like MYSELF!!

5. I like when the things I really want to happen actually happen. Three years ago I told my boss I wanted to start seeing more pediatric patients. There is no future for this here, she told me. But there is now and I am treating babies every day and it makes me happy.

6. I like that I have become less of a perfectionist and have learned to be gentle with myself (and hopefully others)

7. I like getting a chance to try on the life I thought would bring me so much happiness and I like that I can release those expectations guilt free and enter into the reality of my beautiful messy life. Toilet water in the kitchen and all.

8. We’re not a family prone to barfing.

9. At least one family members voice still sounds like a chipmunk cartoon.

For the problem solvers among us, it’s too easy to forget what’s working well.

What do you like about your life right now?








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  1. KaraW

    Astrid, thank you so much. You inspired to to make my own list. :]

    1. Astrid Melton

      Awesome! Do it, keep it, share it! xoxo

  2. Francie

    Love this! I can so relate!

    1. Astrid Melton

      Great- you’re normal and not alone 🙂

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