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#write31 Day 31 Celebration!

Thank you for reading along the 31 day free write challenge! I can’t believe I did it. I had been struggling to make time to write once a week when impulsively agreeing to write every day. It’s been easier than I thought although I am looking forward to a little writing break. In the last […]

#write31 Day 30 Hedgehog Love

Day 30. 8:55pm. Been coasting these last few days not expecting to hit writer’s block but here it is right before the finish line. I’ve hit the creative wall, the resistance which Steven Pressfield talks about in his insightful and rather hilarious book The war of Art. You must, must, must push through is what […]

#write31 Day 29 Connection

I used to work harder to find friends or just connect with like minded people. I used to give, give, give…initiate, entertain, lead groups, attend seminars partly hoping to create meaningful relationships. While I don’t regret all giving or pursuit of people in the past my actions did not necessarily lead to soul satisfying connections. […]

#write31 Day 28 Personality

Let’s explore personality types together. You can share your type or favorite in the comment section. Personality types are fascinating to me. Identifying your type doesn’t puts you in a box. Rather it helps you discover the box you are already in, perhaps offering you the option to get out. You are more than your […]

#write31 Day 27 Work

Writing about work on the weekend. Thanks, Jeff. I have been working for the same company for fifteen years and not planning on going anywhere soon. Golden handcuffs, a friend fittingly called it recently. When I interviewed for the Northwest location 8 years ago my future boss asked me where I saw myself in 5 […]

#write31 Day 26 Disappointment

I could write about my greatest disappointment, losing my unborn daughter Sophie eight years ago but I am not in the mood to ponder heavy disappointment tonight after work. Treated some adorable babies today. I no longer think of Sophie every second of every day, it’s a distant grief I carry somewhere deep and most […]

#write31 Day 22 Endings

9:53am. Kids at camp. House quiet, a little messy but not irresistibly drawing me towards immediate tidying. No big excuses for not writing this moment except my body suddenly feels sooooo sleepy. I’ve slept well the last few nights so this makes no sense. I am torn between listening to my body and ignoring pleas […]

#write31 Day 21 Confession

They say you can develop a new habit (or change an existing one) in 21 days. Unless you are a baby (<6 months), then you can learn a new skill in 3 days. Today is day 21 and my mind is anxiously searching for a measure of writing progress, sudden insight or direction. Today is […]

#write31 Day 18 Babies

If only I hadn’t committed to the writing challenge, then I’d be off the hook tonight. Yawn. I feel tired and uninspired and fear my 500 words will be a whiny tirade. Everyone is asleep. The air conditioner hums quietly, adjusted to 74’F which is the highest number I can negotiate peacefully with my other half.  […]

#write31 Day 16 Voice

Conveniently I woke up at 5am, unfortunately though with minimal writing ambition. The time felt earlier than it was and my body seemed convinced it needed more sleep. I thought I should listen to my body and laid back down. At 6 I realized I would not fall back to sleep. I listened but not […]