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I’ve always loved a few good New’s Year’s resolutions. They’re not useless or depressing to me, even if they don’t come to pass. At times I enjoy the process of planning and goal setting, giving aspirations a voice, however trite and silly they might be. They’re worth pondering and will have a greater chance of […]

Making peace with an average life

I used to wrestle with significance. Plagued by desire to do something extraordinary and leave a tangible mark on the world. Anything short of finding a cure for cancer or inventing the washing machine or being an Olympic athlete or writing a classic would be failure. Don’t-waste-your life-philosophy forges the deeper layers of my soul. Access […]

Making peace with your career

Yesterday’s class was great. Most continuing education days pass extra slow unless your speaker has comedy talent. Ours did even after 41 years of PT or perhaps because of it. If your sense of humor remains intact after four decades in health care, you were probably meant for it in the first place. Our class […]

Liebster Award: Q&A +meet 2 friends

Hi friends! One of my readers Katharina nominated my blog for the Liebster Award which is a virtual award that recognizes and connects bloggers. “Liebster” is German and means “sweetheart”, “beloved” or “dearest”. Katharina is German girl who lives in New York and is passionate about art, God and people. She is an artist who […]

Behind the Wall & Under the Steeple I: Beginnings

  I was born in the dead of winter, ten days after Christmas when people are worn out from parties and ready to start a diet or go lift some weights.   My mother would often say: “The day you were born was the best day of my life.” I was born into love, into […]

Why I am not writing a book but am telling my story

In April I met with a couple of mentors at a writers conference who encouraged me to write a book. How crazy, I thought. Writers probably tell everyone to write a book just like runners tell friends they too should sign up for a marathon. Misery loves company. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an author, writing […]

Inspirational women- Who is your female hero?

In 1987 Joni Eareckson Tada treks to Leipzig, my hometown in former East Germany. I am 9, old enough to know free world travelers rarely come here. Joni is in a wheelchair. I see people in wheelchairs, often, getting in and out of their ground level apartments in our concrete jungle. Not smiling much. Certainly not […]

on becoming an American Citizen

It’s 3am on tuesday and I am awake, wishing my body wouldn’t trade nervous excitement for sleep. My long awaited naturalization interview is at 7am- plenty of time to entertain ridiculous what-if-today-goes-badly scenarios. Its raining hard on my way downtown in stop and go traffic. I arrive at the immigration at 7, clear security, then join applicants wait patiently in a sterile and silent waiting area upstairs. […]

Mothers give wings

We are at the airport on September 22,1994, saying GoodBye. I have a new leather backpack, a student visa and a letter from my dad to be opened in the air.  I feel ok about flying to Frankfurt but I worry about getting lost in Chicago. I don’t have a cell phone or a credit card, I […]