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16th Anniversary

Marriage is hard. Not nearly as hard as my head but hard nevertheless. It’s just hard to be nice 5840 days in a row. My daughter keeps asking why so and so can’t be her sister because said friend would treat her sooooo much nicer than her actual siblings. I can’t seem to make her […]

The resurrection of date night

Date nights fizzled out long ago. Because the energy to make them happen is flowing elsewhere. Kids. Work. Exercise. Sickness. Homeschooling. Friends. Other interests which are truly not more important than our marriage but somehow take over. We need a date night boss. An event planner, life manager whoever makes things happen, We are not up working extra jobs. […]

How we’ve stayed married for 15 years

We celebrated our wedding on June 7, 2000. Which fell on wednesday. “You’re getting married on a wednesday??” people gasped. “Is that a German thing?” Of course not. No culture I know favors wednesday weddings. People get confused when wednesday is chosen and made special. I was born on a wednesday though and mom always said it was the best […]