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I’ve always loved a few good New’s Year’s resolutions. They’re not useless or depressing to me, even if they don’t come to pass. At times I enjoy the process of planning and goal setting, giving aspirations a voice, however trite and silly they might be. They’re worth pondering and will have a greater chance of […]

Melton Christmas Letter 2016

Hi friends, Thanks for your cards and posts, pictures and Christmas wishes. Another year is in the books, an opportunity to recount our greatness and many accomplishments to you. Just kidding. We’re your average family, living in the suburbs, trying to get along and stay on top of things and grateful this year has passed […]


The rain is back, a soothing tap tap of drops against my bedroom window as I wake before dawn. It’s good to be here in the quiet which often eludes me because I don’t naturally rise before the kids but every time I do it seems sensible and wise. I need more quiet time to […]

On love & perserverance

Parenting promises free lessons in perseverance. They say pick your battles and I do but some struggles are non-negotiable. Like teaching my kids German. When my son was an infant my mother pulled me aside, urging me to commit to pass on our native tongue. My parents not being able to communicate with my husband […]

What I like about my life, right now

On Tuesday the kids toilet was clogged again which is nothing new but this time the flusher handle got stuck and water kept flowing. By the time I heard water running, the whole bathroom was flooded and toilet tears were pouring through the ceiling onto the kitchen island. The kids were enamored with our indoor waterfall while we raced […]

Fear is not a family value

We kissed our firstborn Good-Bye a couple hours before sunrise today because airfare favors early mornings nearly as much as our ten year old. I don’t think I slept all night, I was so excited, he tells us while bouncing out of bed. It’s his first big trip without us- visiting grandparents and cousins in Arkansas. He’s […]

when you’ve lost your rhythm

We returned from Germany last month. I am well adjusted to local time but still trying to find my rhythm. It’s really about adjusting to a new rhythm, dancing with the ever changing variables of life. My work schedule has changed. After years of working monday/ wednesday I now work wednesday/ friday and my week feels strangely backwards. […]

Mommy, can you play with me?

“Mommy, can you play with me?” “Not right now.” ‘Not right now’ has become my standard answer, it sounds a little softer than a ‘No’ but essentially means the same thing. I am embarrassed to admit that the question alone annoys me a little because, come on, who has time to play on the floor…. […]

Classical Education-We’re hooked

I never heard of homeschooling until I came to the States at age 16. (it’s illegal in Germany) The whole concept sounded weird, didn’t help some homeschool folks I met seemed a bit odd. Nevertheless I was intrigued by this level of educational freedom. East Germany only had one educational option: public school, which fervidly pushed communist […]

Do you suffer from slacker-itis?

At our house clean-up time triggers acute onset of slacker-itis in all children summoned to help. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) temporary loss of hearing, sudden inability to maintain an upright position and impaired grasping of small objects scattered on floor. Some children vanish entirely beneath a dust cloud of excuses. Slackeritis appears to be contagious. […]