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How I memorized the book of James

Three years ago I memorized the book of James. It was an impulse decision, a gut level response to an optional challenge in bible study. Blame postpartum hormones or lack of sleep, but an unexpectedly wave of desire to memorize an entire book of scripture knocked me off my feet. This challenge is for you and you can totally do this, I […]

What not to say to people who wait for their dream

Have you ever had to wait for something while others secure their dream without delay? Getting pregnant was like that for me. At first I didn’t mind waiting. Who knew, maybe there was a good reason for not conceiving this month or the next and then it would have been a Christmas baby and I didn’t want that. Time went […]

EASTER: thoughts on dying, waiting and rising

Our spiritual lives reflect the rhythms of the Easter story, I believe. The passion narrative moves sequentially from dying to waiting to rising. I am most interested in rising. Rising above whatever moment or challenge is in the way of the life I long to live. So I focus on anything resembling life, on my definition of rising. And I forget that before […]

How mercy transforms the way we love

Marriage is harder than I thought just like real life is messier than the picture in my head. I married a good man and loving a good man requires my heart to be open and engaged. Sometimes I resist the process and settle for a lesser love, a grumpier version of myself. Sometimes a million […]