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VI: Adoption in the land of a million ironies

The communist regime in East Germany did not encourage adoption despite vulnerable children existing right within our walls. Orphans and other defenseless children were placed in state run facilities, being cared for socialist style. A foster care system did not exist and private adoptions were pretty rare. Christians in particular were deemed unworthy to adopt […]

The bravest question ever

“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.” [Brene Brown] I am a self protection expert, fondly attached to my comfort zone. Life has way of making space for vulnerability though. I resist it, hold tight to the last bit of control. But brave girls, I hear, show up fully and allow themselves to be seen.Brave girls will […]

When Jesus assembles your family…

My parents married when I was four. I don’t remember that day. I do remember their baptism shortly after. I sat on my aunts lap in the front row, watched them go under, emerge wet and happy. We’ve got a new life now, they announced. I wanted something new too. I began to pray, each night for a baby sister, […]