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On love & perserverance

Parenting promises free lessons in perseverance. They say pick your battles and I do but some struggles are non-negotiable. Like teaching my kids German. When my son was an infant my mother pulled me aside, urging me to commit to pass on our native tongue. My parents not being able to communicate with my husband […]

What I like about my life, right now

On Tuesday the kids toilet was clogged again which is nothing new but this time the flusher handle got stuck and water kept flowing. By the time I heard water running, the whole bathroom was flooded and toilet tears were pouring through the ceiling onto the kitchen island. The kids were enamored with our indoor waterfall while we raced […]

7 ways to worry less

It’s 3am and I can’t go back to sleep to save my life. My body is willing but my mind seems thrilled to dance with every random thought available. Where is the off button for my brain? If I don’t go back to sleep right now I’ll be way tired tomorrow. I am waltzing up and down my mental to do […]

When being needed feels overwhelming

Do you ever feel valued because someone else needs you? I do. Sometimes ‘I need you’ means you would rather share your heart with me than anyone else. Your vulnerability moves me and I run towards you shouting: Yes, yes, everything I have to give is yours. Do you ever feel resentful because someone else […]