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I would help you if I could

It’s hard to know what to do about suffering halfway around the world other than pray and contribute money to relief efforts. As a sensitive person I’ve tried not to overexpose myself to war related news but it does not seem right to completely check out. I can’t be off the hook just because I […]

Light & Truth

There is a piece of Advent in every morning I think while sit and watch the sun rise. Clouds cover the horizon but above the sky is pale blue and the edges of the cloud cover is turning pale purple pink gray. One tree in the corner has lost all it’s leaves and the branches […]

The long night is ending

Last night I carefully unpacked my two Schwibbogen and placed one at each window in my living room. The kids are getting old enough to restrain themselves from over-handling my precious German Christmas decor so I am getting braver in putting it out. This morning I stumbled across my youngest peacefully wrapped in her blanket, […]

Don’t rush me

A neighbor is putting up Christmas lights. What’s the rush, buddy, because I am not yet ready for Thanksgiving which I thought to be at least a couple of weeks away. The kids refuse to trade in their shorts and we haven’t raked leaves yet but I am sure we will someday before darkness falls […]

Tattoos on the heart

The moon shines larger than usual night while the house has fallen quiet. I expected big puppy (her latest nickname) to curl up next to the couch where I am typing but alas she’s opted sit watch on the cold garage floor. Loyal canine love, waiting for her boy to return. Her soft fur looks […]

Politics & Prozac w/ Fur

My mind has been in a restless place and I have not been able to write and I certainly am not itching to write about politics because goodness knows who needs another opinion and what does it matter anyways. I am ready to delete facebook and disappear from the internet forever yet keep reading and […]

A dog story

The boy prayed for a dog every night since we buried the old one under the apple tree in the pouring rain four years ago. He was seven and not prone to tears but as our old furry friends body slowly disappeared under the dirt, he wailed with his head to the sky. I wept […]

Brotherly Love!

I call my brother today around noon because it’s his birthday and he’s 9 hours ahead. We sing him a silly song, then offer the more formal and expected German birthday well wishes which may sound cliche but are rude to omit. My son squeaks his uncle’s nickname about 40 times and my brother cheerfully […]

monday ramble

We have mice in our garage. One jumped about a foot when I was trying to grab my daughters rain boots from a bin. Ugh. Ants have moved into the kitchen, clinging to crumbs of bread and honey and I am walking around in my bare feet wondering what sort of creature I will encounter […]

Making peace with an average life

I used to wrestle with significance. Plagued by desire to do something extraordinary and leave a tangible mark on the world. Anything short of finding a cure for cancer or inventing the washing machine or being an Olympic athlete or writing a classic would be failure. Don’t-waste-your life-philosophy forges the deeper layers of my soul. Access […]