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Making peace with an average life

I used to wrestle with significance. Plagued by desire to do something extraordinary and leave a tangible mark on the world. Anything short of finding a cure for cancer or inventing the washing machine or being an Olympic athlete or writing a classic would be failure. Don’t-waste-your life-philosophy forges the deeper layers of my soul. Access […]

How Perfectionism distorts the gospel

I wrote a little piece on perfectionism for my local writers connection posted on their blog today: Scrolling through work emails I click on the one titled: ALL EMPLOYEES MUST READ! A pep rally type announcement opens, announcing this year’s grand mission: eliminating all errors.  Zero mistakes in the workplace, please! Sounds achievable in theory, […]

Making peace with your career

Yesterday’s class was great. Most continuing education days pass extra slow unless your speaker has comedy talent. Ours did even after 41 years of PT or perhaps because of it. If your sense of humor remains intact after four decades in health care, you were probably meant for it in the first place. Our class […]


I woke at 5am, much earlier than usual, surprised I didn’t hear any rain because yesterday it rained nonstop and the forecast predicts continuous rain for the next seven days or so. I am fine with a bit of rain, even several days but if day after day passes without a dry window in which […]

All I know

All I know is I best continue writing despite the enormous friction towards this seemingly optional, even trivial hobby. I am a better mother, a better everything when I write. I don’t care if I ever get published. Honestly, I’ve heard a million times it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. And in […]


The rain is back, a soothing tap tap of drops against my bedroom window as I wake before dawn. It’s good to be here in the quiet which often eludes me because I don’t naturally rise before the kids but every time I do it seems sensible and wise. I need more quiet time to […]

On stink boards and regret

I love autumn. The way the trees glowed in the rising sun when I walked toward the hospital this morning. The slight chill of morning air giving way to remnants of summer heat. I run through the forest on my lunch break. I can’t think of a better place to spend that sliver of time […]

Are untold stories painful?

When I don’t write for several days I start to feel a little restless, like I am not slowing down enough to let my thoughts catch up with me. I loved how the last post created a little conversation regarding transparency and vulnerability, namely how much is too much to share and this answer off […]

On learning and [over]sharing

It rains on our first day of school. Fine with me. I am ready for a change of season and pace. I love new beginnings, they love new stuff so we’re both getting our needs met today. We started school work this morning just gently. I tend throw myself full force into a strong start. […]

September Baby

September. Five years ago I didn’t think I’d have a September baby. Not after having the first two arrive early. Baby 1 at 38 weeks while I was still working, baby 2 at 36 weeks. Cancelled a couple weeks of patients and gathered basic baby supplies after the birth. This time though, I was going […]