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On stink boards and regret

I love autumn. The way the trees glowed in the rising sun when I walked toward the hospital this morning. The slight chill of morning air giving way to remnants of summer heat. I run through the forest on my lunch break. I can’t think of a better place to spend that sliver of time […]

Are untold stories painful?

When I don’t write for several days I start to feel a little restless, like I am not slowing down enough to let my thoughts catch up with me. I loved how the last post created a little conversation regarding transparency and vulnerability, namely how much is too much to share and this answer off […]

On learning and [over]sharing

It rains on our first day of school. Fine with me. I am ready for a change of season and pace. I love new beginnings, they love new stuff so we’re both getting our needs met today. We started school work this morning just gently. I tend throw myself full force into a strong start. […]

September Baby

September. Five years ago I didn’t think I’d have a September baby. Not after having the first two arrive early. Baby 1 at 38 weeks while I was still working, baby 2 at 36 weeks. Cancelled a couple weeks of patients and gathered basic baby supplies after the birth. This time though, I was going […]

[Almost] Back to school

It’s the last week of summer break and my mind is in school prep mode. Somehow life or the kids or terrible fate roped us into another year of homeschooling. It could be the best or the last, I’ll let you know this time next year. The kids are enthusiastically voting for another year of […]

Frugal Genes

I am frugal by nature, can probably thank dad for passing on the savings gene. Or the fear of losing something or not making it. The fear of debt which hardly anyone I know here possesses but which is still real back home at least in my dad’s generation. No one I knew had debt […]

Monday free write ramble

I know it’s going to be a good day because it’s eight and no one has come in my room to demand food or beg for a DVD. Instead I hear happy playing, the stuffed animal noises I have become so accustomed to. Sunlight pours through my window and I wonder if I have time […]

Assimilate or go home [free write ramble book review]

I have been writing 500 words nearly every day this last week, journaling to sort some things out which are not so blog worthy. During the writing challenge it would take me close to an hour to post but when I am totally free writing without stopping to think or judge myself I can crank […]

Tin whistle tutor to the rescue

I possess little musical talent. If I had a natural sense of rhythm or tune, I am certain I would know by now. My German hometown boasts a long and famous music history, including J.S. Bach buried in one of the cathedrals not far from where I was born. My mother quit cello and flute […]

Tiny Goals

Hi Friends! I am back…sooner than I thought. After the writing challenge I anticipated taking at least a week off in which I would accomplish whatever task has been delayed by writing more recently. But I have built a new habit and accomplishing random tasks feels less fulfilling now. Writing is centering, slows me down […]